Workers Comp. Protection

Workers’ Comp Protection Plan

Workers Comp. Protection lowers the claim frequency and fraudulent claims filed by employees by offering protection outside the workplace.  Employees that are injured outside the job often make Workers Comp claims when returning to work, this plan offers an alternative that is better for both parties.

We offer a unique protection plan that changes the mindset of your employees to help reduce claim frequency and eliminate most fraudulent claims.  

  • In some cases a worker may become injured off the job, or they are unsure if they were injured on or off the job.  
  • In this case it is possible that they would make a workers comp claim.  
  • With a Workers Compensation Protection Plan employees know that they are covered off the job, and that their compensation may be more than standard workers comp.  
  • Because of this, the amount of total claims and fraudulent claims is reduced.  

Premier Plan

Workers Comp Protection Premier Plan
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With our Protection Plan the worker is taking home an extra $2,625!  If your employee had to make a choice, it is obvious which plan comes out ahead.

Standard Plan

Workers Comp Protection Standard Plan
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Our standard plan offers less comprehensive coverage, but higher compensation for covered injuries. With this plan the employee is taking home an extra $6,875!

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