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Robert Feldman, high risk insurance specialist, announces a new location that will be opening in Malibu on November 1, 2017.  Robert has been an agent with Allstate for over 18 years, and prides himself on providing personal service for the people in the communities he serves.  Robert and his Allstate team are among the very few agents in the state who are able to offer a superior insurance program that eliminates the need for the CA Fair Plan for single-family homes in Malibu.

Additionally, Robert’s Malibu agency, Coast to Canyon Insurance Services, is one of the few in California that specializes in difficult to insure homes that have been refused coverages by other carriers. Many homeowners aren’t even aware of the extensive gaps in coverage that exist in their current policies.  This is why, Robert’s agency strives to educate homeowners and real estate professionals in such areas, rather than just selling them an insurance policy.


Coast To Canyon – LCSB Malibu


“Friends don’t let friends have the CA Fair Plan!”

-Robert Feldman


This is Robert’s favorite expression.  Not your typical insurance agent, Robert is high energy, passionate, and is an influential part of the Allstate family.  Robert is always happy to provide information to groups who want to learn a little more about risk management and the possible gaps in their insurance coverages, for both their homes or businesses.

Robert Feldman at MAR BBQ

“People call me all the time with tricky insurance questions, and we investigate these for them. We can usually help, as we have access to insurance policies through unique insurance carriers.  If our agency cannot be of assistance, we have a great referral network, and can put them in touch with another industry expert.”

         –Robert Feldman


Visit Robert Feldman and Team of Associates at their NEW OFFICE in Malibu!

Allstate Agency: Coast to Canyon Insurance Services

29170 Heathercliff  Road #C  Malibu, CA 90265

(855) 876-3776