4 easy steps to self-inspect your home for fire risk

According to Cal Fire there have been over 6,000 wildfires reported in just 2017 alone.  These fires have burned 556,000 Acres of land all throughout California.  With this mass of wildfires burning in our backyards Californians are worried about their homes. 

Inspecting your home to determine fire risk is much easier than you may think.  With this article we will show you an easy 4 step process that will allow you to submit the information that insurance agencies need to determine if they are able to insure you.  This process will also allow you to identify areas in which your property could be improved to be more fire resistant.

  1. Walk the exterior of your home and identify any locations where brush is touching
  2. Take clear photos of all exterior staircases and each side of your home (it is important that these photos show the full sides of your home, including any hanging branches)
  3. Speak with an experienced Insurance Agent and send them the photos
  4. The agent will use the photos to determine fire risk and connect you with the proper homeowners insurance

Self-inspection is easy!  With these simple steps you have been set on track to make sure your home is better protected!  Remember, it doesn’t matter how near your home is to a fire hydrant, or even the number of fire stations in close proximity.  Even under ideal conditions and extremely fast response time by our amazing firefighters you home may still be classified as a High Brush Zone or Hazard Area.

Friends don’t let friends have the CA Fair Plan
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After you self-inspect your home the next step is finding an insurance plan that works best for you.  Homeowners that have been classified as high risk may believe that the CA Fair Plan is their only option, and in the past it has been.  However, specialized agents such as Robert Feldman are certified to offer specialized plans to high risk homeowners.

Coast To Canyon Now Open!

Allstate Insurance

Robert Feldman, high risk insurance specialist, announces a new location that will be opening in Malibu on November 1, 2017.  Robert has been an agent with Allstate for over 18 years, and prides himself on providing personal service for the people in the communities he serves.  Robert and his Allstate team are among the very few agents in the state who are able to offer a superior insurance program that eliminates the need for the CA Fair Plan for single-family homes in Malibu.

Additionally, Robert’s Malibu agency, Coast to Canyon Insurance Services, is one of the few in California that specializes in difficult to insure homes that have been refused coverages by other carriers. Many homeowners aren’t even aware of the extensive gaps in coverage that exist in their current policies.  This is why, Robert’s agency strives to educate homeowners and real estate professionals in such areas, rather than just selling them an insurance policy.


Coast To Canyon – LCSB Malibu


“Friends don’t let friends have the CA Fair Plan!”

-Robert Feldman


This is Robert’s favorite expression.  Not your typical insurance agent, Robert is high energy, passionate, and is an influential part of the Allstate family.  Robert is always happy to provide information to groups who want to learn a little more about risk management and the possible gaps in their insurance coverages, for both their homes or businesses.

Robert Feldman at MAR BBQ

“People call me all the time with tricky insurance questions, and we investigate these for them. We can usually help, as we have access to insurance policies through unique insurance carriers.  If our agency cannot be of assistance, we have a great referral network, and can put them in touch with another industry expert.”

         –Robert Feldman


Visit Robert Feldman and Team of Associates at their NEW OFFICE in Malibu!

Allstate Agency: Coast to Canyon Insurance Services

29170 Heathercliff  Road #C  Malibu, CA 90265

(855) 876-3776


Why Every Real Estate Professional Should Be a Corporation

As an Agent working for a brokerage you are considered an independent contractor.  You are missing out on tax savings and protection for your personal assets.  Since brokerages give you a 1099 form instead of a W-2 you are considered an independent contractor, this means that as far as the government is concerned you are the sole owner of your real estate business.  So, what does that mean?

Risks of Sole Proprietorship

Personal Possessions.  As a sole proprietor business type all of your personal possessions are at risk if there are any legal actions taken against you or your employees.  This includes your home, personal income, retirement accounts and more.  By forming your business into an LLC you gain protection for your assets, but not in all the ways you might hope.  Unfortunately, since you still operate through the BRE as an individual your assets are not safe if you are the one making the mistake.  However, you gain protection if your employees are the subject of a lawsuit.

For example, if you have an assistant showing an open house that is negligent of proper care which results in damages to the property.  Without incorporation you could be held liable for any damages that are not covered or partially covered by your brokers insurance, if you are a corporation in this situation your personal assets are no longer at risk.

Benefits of LLC / S-Corp

Tax Savings.  One of the largest advantages of being an LLC and paying taxes as an s-corp is the tax savings.  Essentially, as an s-corp you end up paying taxes on less of your income.  Instead of paying a self-employment tax on all of your profits, you pay tax on your salary with the rest of the income being distributed as dividends to yourself.

IRS Audit Risk.  Sole Proprietors are the MOST AUDITED BUSINESS TYPE.  No matter how in-order your taxes and business filings are, an audit is always a pain.  According to an article from 2011, the Wall Street Journal found that s-corps are ten times less likely to be audited by the IRS compared to sole proprietors.

Flood Damage: What You Need to Know

Floods are the most common and costly natural hazard in the nation.  They are an even greater risk if there have been recent wildfires in the area.  With the recent fires in California we are at heavy risk,  normally vegetation will absorb rainfall and reduce the amount of rain that makes it directly to water flow channels.  After a wildfire the land is barren, and unable to absorb water. This creates conditions where the soil is not anchored, meaning that there is a high risk of mud-flows and flash floods.

Just a few inches of water can cause massive amounts of damage.  According to FEMA, the average flood claim in 2010 was approximately $28,000.  Homeowners quickly found out that their standard homeowner’s policy did NOT cover flood damage.  Without flood insurance these residents were forced to pay out of pocket to repair their possessions, or to give up on them entirely.

It is extremely important to assess your risk when evaluating what kinds of insurance you should have.  Homeowners living in high fire risk areas are also very vulnerable to flooding.  Brick and mortar houses will likely suffer less overall damage in the case of a flood to their exterior, but are still likely to have large costs associated to the interior of their homes.  Additionally, floods often leave behind more than just water.  It is common for floods to bring in dirt, microorganisms, silt, and sediment that can do more than hurt the visual appeal of your home.  

After a flood you must assess the damages to your home.  Since floods are not only water, there comes additional dangers when your house is affected.  Silt and sediment can create problems in your appliances, electrical system, and lighting fixtures that will make them not only impossible, but dangerous to use.

Myths about Umbrella Coverage for 1099-Employees: Real Estate Professionals Beware

What does umbrella coverage actually cover?

Personal umbrella coverage is designed to keep you safe when you damage property, cause an injury, or have a lawsuit filed against you.  However, this coverage starts and ends on you.  When you begin to act as an agent for a business, even your own, this coverage becomes unreliable.  In many cases insurance agencies will cite the ‘course and scope’ section stating that you were in the process of real estate activities during the time of the incident.


What does that mean for Real Estate Professionals?

Real estate professionals receiving a 1099 form may not be covered under their personal general liability ‘Umbrella’ coverage.  Since you receive the 1099 and are considered a business you have the same legal obligations and liability as larger firms.  In addition, you don’t have any of the protections of a larger firm!  Real estate professionals need to be extra vigilant in this area.  If you are classified as a Sole Proprietorship type business you could end up with huge legal fees and an insurance plan that won’t cover it!

What about my E&O coverage? 

Unfortunately, E&O isn’t a silver bullet catch all to protect yourself.  With only an E&O policy that brokerages generally require you may have many gaps in your policy.  These gaps include general liability, employee injury, and property damage.  For example, a client could injure themselves during the showing of an open house, general liability insurance could have protected you!


How to get coverage applicable to your real estate activities:

Small Business Owners Plans, or BOPs, are specialized plans the have the most important types of coverage bundled as a package to save you money.  A specialized Real Estate Professionals BOP is available here. To learn more about how a BOP can protect you and your assets from costly legal fees please contact us.

Homebuyers: Beware of Mortgage Closing Cost Phishing Scam

If you’re getting ready to buy a house, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) are urging you to be vigilant about who you trust. Unfortunately, scammers have had success stealing the closing costs of homebuyers by posing as representatives of title insurance companies, realtors or real estate agents. The more you know about this scam, the easier it will be for you to spot it and steer clear of it.


How the Scam Works 

The process a hacker goes through to steal your closing costs typically goes something like this:


  1. The hacker finds a way to access your email account and learns about mortgage or real estate transactions you have coming up.
  2. The hacker sends you an email and tells you to wire the closing costs to a different account than you were originally given. In order to convince you, he or she poses as the title company or the real estate agents you have been in contact with throughout the home-buying process.
  3. If you are convinced of the hacker’s authenticity and wire the money to the scammer’s account, your money will disappear (most likely forever).


Scams like this are not new, but that does not minimize the devastation they can cause if you fall for them.


What You Can Do

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to avoid becoming a scam victim. If you receive unexpected attachments in an email, don’t open them, even if they appear to be from a trusted source. You can find out if an email is legitimate by contacting the company through a known phone number (not a phone number provided in the questionable email).


Avoiding phishing scams can be tricky, but protecting your new home doesn’t have to be. If you live in close proximity to brush fire zones or have trouble securing insurance for any other reason, Free Fire Zone Inspections can help. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.

Earthquake preparation, is your go-bag ready?

With the abundance of disaster in recent months it is more important than ever to make sure you are ready.  This means making sure you have all the necessities packed and ready to go on the move with you.

Ready.gov  has a basic emergency supply kit breakdown:

  • Water – One gallon per person per day, minimum three day supply
  • Food – Three day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered radio, NOAA Weather Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Basic First aid kit
  • Batteries
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags, plastic ties – personal sanitation
  • Dust mask
  • Basic tools
  • Manual can opener
  • Cell phone battery packs / cables
  • Pet supplies

In addition, you may want to beef up your kit with some non-essential items that can either improve your downtime or give you the ability to help others. These items range from having non-prescription medication, sleeping bags, blankets, eating utensils and extra clothing.  You may not feel the need to have an emergency kit right now,  but when disaster strikes it becomes too late!  It is better to be prepared and not require your supplies than to need them and not have it.

Depending on where you spend your time it may also be smart to have more than one kit ready to go.  Home, work, and vehicle kits should all be handily available.


Real Estate Agents: Liability During an Open House

Can a Real Estate Agent be Liable for Injuries at an Open House?





Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg weighs in on liability questions for real estate agents.


During an open house the agent “takes control” of the premises and is required to use reasonable care for the safety of potential buyers. In the event that a potential buyer is injured, you could be held liable!

According to personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg, “It is a relatively common occurrence for potential buyers to be wondering a property for sale and slipping or tripping on a stair or slippery floor. It is easy to understand why— potential buyers are looking around— not down. They are by definition unfamiliar with the property and are more likely to miss a step or small defect.”

Are you in good hands?







Time to Prepare for Wildfires

Wildfire season is here again.  Home Owners are encouraged to learn about this danger and participate in brush clearance and safety preparedness activities in their communities.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Fire prevention is the first defense against disaster. You cannot afford to ignore proper maintenance of your property.

Here are just a few of the things that can put you at increased risk:

  • Insufficient horizontal spacing in your landscaping plan
  • Insufficient vertical spacing between ground level plants and taller trees.
  • Leaves and pine needles clogging the gutters of your roof
  • Storage of combustible material near your structures
  • Not enough distance between your home and undeveloped areas.

Wildfires spread faster when the wind is blowing. Hot embers can land on dry material near your home and spark fire on your property.

How to Get Ready for Fire Season

Dry grasses and open spaces put rural residents at greater risk. Dead and dry plants are always ready to light up. They are the perfect tinder for an uncontrolled burn. This makes fire prevention everyone’s job.

  • Participate in community safety preparedness meetings.
  • Organize brush clearance for the surrounding region.
  • Contact a fire safety professional for a free fire zone inspection.
  • Work with other members of the community to elevate the neighborhood’s readiness.

Free Fire Zone Inspections provides evaluations and consultations to residents living in high risk areas. Ask for your free consultation today.

Local Entrepreneur Recognized by Allstate for Serving Other Businesses

Allstate Insurance Company recently awarded Robert Feldman (Allstate exclusive agency owner) for his leading performing in customer service and business insurance sales. The Top Agency in Allstate Business Insurance sales award recognizes Feldman’s exceptionally high standards in ensuring that his fellow business owners are properly protected with quality insurance policies.


Feldman has been with Allstate for 14+ years and is a graduate of California State University, Northridge. His main office is located in Los Angeles and his second office is in Verdugo City. In response to the recent award he received, Feldman replied that he understands how hard it can be to build a successful business, since he is a small business owner himself. He also stated “I also know how important it is to protect what you’ve built and earned.” Feldman proudly accepted the award from Allstate and expressed his desire to continue serving other entrepreneurs in the community by helping them secure the right insurance coverage.


Allstate Takes Pride in the Success of Agents


Michael Barton, president of Allstate Business Insurance, says that every small business should be given a chance to thrive. He praised Barton for taking “…pride in helping business owners get off on the right foot and protect what matters to them.”


The Allstate Corporation serves approximately 16 million households through its various brand names, which include Allstate, Answer Financial, Esurance and Encompass. The corporation is the nation’s largest personal lines insurer that is publicly held. In addition to providing a variety of coverage options through their insurance policy program, the corporation also offers attractive benefits to their agents through their benefits program.


Learn More About Your Insurance Options


There are a variety of home insurance options available to you, and it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. If you live in a high fire risk area and have trouble getting insurance, please contact us! Free Fire Zone Inspections can provide you with a free inspection and match you up with a great insurance policy.